A Peep Behind the Scene (bk)

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Christopher Wright


  • CSV Description 1:
    A young girl discovers hope in a cruel world! Young Rosalie lives an unhappy existence. The dazzling glitter of the theater caravan portrays a false glory. When better known, it is revealed for what it really is: drab, boring, dull and monotonous.
  • CSV Description 2:
    In this setting, Rosalie lives with her deathly ill mother and unscrupulous father. Another harsh relative soon comes to dominate her life, as well. She meets other sad people too, including the disillusioned Britannia and the hard-working Betsey Ann.
  • CSV Description 3:
    But sorting through these unpleasant facts of life in search of truth and the meaning of life she meets her compassionate, merciful Aunt Lucy and the sometimes charming, always loveable Mother Manikin. These women provide hope to the young girl because they point the way to the real meaning of life!
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