The Good & Precious Wife (bk)

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Timothy Sng


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    A wife is truly precious. Her preciousness is immeasurable, and definitely worth above rubies,diamond and gold. She is a gem to her husband, her children, her family on both sides, and also to society. The woman's role as wife, mother and daughter shines out when she is recognized and respected by the husband, the children and society. For sure, we cannot measure her worth, but when we look at her immense contribution as you would read along the pages ensuing, one cannot help but become amazed at such a gift to man as a wife.
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    The best thing that can happen to a poor man in a rural traditional setting, or even in a modern developed setting is actually to have a wife, to love and cherish. The fact that many marriages fail and break up still does not in any way reduce the truth and the fact that the wife is precious and worth above rubies.
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    Author: Dr Timothy Sng is a medical doctor and neurologist by profession. A born again believer for nearly four decades, his passion is to seek out the 'lost sons and daughters' for the Kingdom of God. His personal mission is to seek our Father in Heaven daily to be a faithful servant and son.
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