You Can't Read Hebrew? (bk)

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Stephen Ng


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    To most people, Hebrew looks intimidating. After crossing over the valley of intimidation, the author found Hebrew an easy language to learn. Within just four months, he was able to read the Hebrew Bible, after using some free online resources teaching the basic Hebrew language.
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    In this book, he not only explains why it is important to hear God’s heartbeat by reading the Bible in the original Hebrew language, but also shares passionately how you can learn the language that God chose to communicate His message to mankind. Written in a style that makes reading easy and fun, he outlines how any ordinary person can now learn to read God’s word in Hebrew.
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    Author: Stephen Ng is the author of a number of books, including the more recent ones, “Where is Pastor Raymond Koh?”, “Kajang Redemption”and“From a Pest to Pest Controller.” He loves the Hebrew language and within a short span of four months, he was able to read the Hebrew bible proving that Hebrew is not difficult after all.
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