Our Father's House (bk)

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Leonie Smith


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    Most people visit a church for the first time either by invitation or reputation. Many books have been written on the subject of personal evangelism and the importance of being a bringer. This book however, explores the power of reputation specifically, God s reputation as upheld and reflected in a church's culture. Based on the story of the Queen of Sheba's visit to King Solomon and how her initial encounter with his kingdom left her breathless and astounded, this book explores the profound effect a church's culture can have on the heart of a seeker as they pursue rumors of King Jesus and His Kingdom. It warns that Kingdom-culture doesn't happen by chance, but only as every member of the King's household lays down their own comfortable and familiar culture to surrender instead to the common culture of Heaven.
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    This book has been written to inspire every Christian to vigilantly uphold Heaven's culture when living, loving and serving in the Fathers House their local church. It implores us all not to waste another minute in engaging our God-given gifts and talents to create Heaven on Earth so that the Kingdom of God might be revealed in all of its glory to a world that is in desperate need of its wisdom, power and atmosphere. Only then, having tasted Heaven, will lost people truly desire to seek out this Kingdom s magnificent King!
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    Author: Leonie Smith was born to missionary parents in Papua New Guinea in 1971. Returning to Perth, Western Australia shortly after her birth, she attended Hyde Park Assemblies of God Church where she met and married Neil Smith in 1990. Leonie studied to become a qualified Speech Pathologist, working in the field of child disability before entering the ministry alongside her husband. After serving in Youth Ministry at their childhood church for a number of years Neil and Leonie responded to the call of God to found Lakes Christian Life Centre in1998. They served there for 10 years before joining Pastor Russell and Sam Evans in Melbourne to help build Planetshakers Church—one of the fastest growing churches in Australia. In her role as a senior pastor and later, as a staff member of Planetshakers Church, Leonie has always ministered in areas relating to hospitality and church culture. Leonie’s role at Planetshakers has taken many forms over the last 10 years, but all of them have at their heart her gift of hospitality and passion for servanthood. From beautifying physical spaces to equipping the spiritual body, Leonie has been instrumental in helping create an environment at Planetshakers that reflects the first class spirit and radical humility of our servant King. Leonie is also a gifted communicator who excels in both written and verbal teaching. Her gift of writing has been well utilized to produce teaching courses, training manuals and now her first book, which is sure to be a blessing to the reader.
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