God and the Ancient Chinese - ENG (bk)

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Samuel Wong


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    This book is in English. It is also available in Chinese. Through the Study of the Chinese Classics, one is convinced of the most obvious and scientific fact: that moden Chinese came from the ancient Chinese, and the ancient Chinese came from the God of Heaven - not from the Peking Man! Eye Opening Discoveries found in BOTH the Ancient Chinese Writings and in the Bible! With solid evidences and exciting analyses, this book is the first book with a vivide, comprehensive comparison and systematic study of the ancient Chinese writings with the Bible. This book has been a painstaking study to prove there is only One God - He is the God of the Bible, the God of the ancient Chinese, and the God of every nation. It is a gentle, yet soul penetrating call for all Chinese to return to the God of Heaven!
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    Discoveries include: - The unnoticed Bible prophecy about China. - Chinese "prophets" and their amazing prophecies of Jesus Christ. - The real meaning of Dao (Tao), Yin and Yang. - The Three Persons of the Godhead in ancient Chinese writings. - The Plan of Salvation hidden in The Book of Changes. - The mystery of life and death. - The Judgement and the "Great Harmony World." - Incredible Chinese proofs for divine inspirtation and accuracy of the Bible. - Confucius: the Chinese Moses and his unrealised dream.
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    Content: Part I: God Reigned Over China Chapter 1: China in Bible Prophecy Chapter 2: Discovering Ancient Chinese Prophets Chapter 3: Origin and Preservation of Chinese Classics Chapter 4: Mencius' Amazing Prophecy Chapter 5: The Original God of China Part II: The Mystery of the Dao Chapter 6: Unlocking the Mystery of Dao Chapter 7: The Breath of God Chapter 8: The Great Plan of Heaven Chapter 9: The Master and His Dream Part III: The Holy Man Chapter 10: Behold the Holy Man! Chapter 11: Suffering of the Holy Man Chapter 12: Poetry of the Creator Chapter 13: The Most Excellent Way Part IV: Sons of the Prince Chapter 14: The Way of Man Chapter 15: The New Book of Changes Chapter 16: Communication with Heaven Chapter 17: The Temple of Heaven Part V: Lost Dao Restored Chapter 18: The First Truth and the First Deception Chapter 19: The Time Has Come Chapter 20: The Course of Heaven Chapter 21: The Great Harmony World Epilogue References and Notes Bibliography
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