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Philip Mantofa


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    BEFORE 30 DISCIPLESHIP was written to disciple every young person who seeks the purpose of life and longs for himself to be used for the glory of God. All the secrets and life principles of Pastor Philip Mantofa are specifically, deeply and practically discussed so that they are easy to apply in daily life.
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    BEFORE 30 DISCIPLESHIP was published with the hope of the emergence of young leaders who understand and respond to their life calls, to bring their generation into the beautiful plan of God, as well as to become HIGHLY SPIRITUAL, HIGHLY INTELLECTUAL & HIGHLY INFLUENTIAL historical modifiers. BEFORE 30 DISCIPLESHIP is designed to be attractive and colorful on every page, fun to read and learn. Both are used as personal reflections or for group discussions. Each chapter invites readers to engage in an adventure of faith that challenges and changes lives.
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    Author: Philip Mantofa graduated in theology from Columbia Bible College, British Columbia, Canada. Since 1998, he has been serving in Mawar Sharon Church, a growing church of 30,000 in Indonesia. Currently, he is the assistant head of Gereja Mawar Sharon denomination, which has a network of 70 local churches. Since his youth, he has brought more than 100,000 souls to Christ. His passion is to ignite the fire within the younger generation to become pastors and spiritual leaders all around Asia. Moreover, he has a burning desire to see nations experience and encounter the love of Jesus Christ. He is happily married to Irene Saphira with three lovely children, Vanessa, Jeremy, and Warren.
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