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Paddison Diane


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    Passionate, authentic, faithful women in the workplace, you are not alone. Women make up 47 percent of the workforce with over 50 percent of advanced degrees going to women (up from 6 percent thirty years ago). Despite these advances, women in the workplace often feel like they’re on their own. They battle gender and pay gaps, work-life balance, and guilt—longing for connection and belonging in their churches and community.
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    Be Refreshed contains encouraging devotional readings for Monday through Friday, along with questions and a prayer for reflection and refreshment each weekend. Take a year to read words and wisdom from women, just like you, who want to be bold in every aspect of life and seek to make a difference on a daily basis. Begin each day with the strength that only comes from being in God’s Word and walking with other women like you.
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    Authors: DIANE PADDISON, 4word women Founder and President, is a Harvard MBA graduate, former global executive of two Fortune 500 companies and one Fortune 1000 company, and serves as an independent director for two corporations and four organizations, one being the Salvation Army’s National Advisory Board. A leading advocate for Christian women in the workplace, Diane published Work, Love, Pray in 2011, laying the foundation for 4word women. She authors weekly posts at and is a featured columnist for other publications. Diane and her husband, Chris, have four children and live in Dallas, Texas. JORDAN JOHNSTONE, 4word Digital Community Manager, is a working mom in Atlanta, Georgia, who spends her days balancing her dream career as a writer and creative communicator, and her dream role as a mom and wife. Jordan holds an MFA in Creative Writing from Full Sail University and a BS in Advertising and Public Relations from Liberty University. She writes weekly on and oversees the digital community team as they work to reach the global community of women in the workplace.
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