Attentive to God (bk)

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Tony Horsfall


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    “We all know how easy it is to lose concentration and let our attention wander. It happens so easily, and far too frequently, this problem of inattentiveness. This also happens in the spiritual life. God speaks to us but we fail to recognise his voice, our minds are elsewhere, we are not attuned to his whisper. He wants to lead us and guide us, but we miss his gentle promptings. He is present all around us, yet we don’t register his nearness. This robs us of a greater depth in our relationship with him.
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    The purpose of this book is to help you become more consistently aware of God; to train your ear to hear his voice, and your eye to see what he is doing; to grow and improve so you can serve God more effectively.”
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    – Tony Horsfall, in his Introduction
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