Scotland Ablaze: The 20 Fire of Revival

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Tom Lennie


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    Many today may be discouraged by the condition of Christianity in Scotland, while unaware of its powerful legacy.
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    Following on from Glory in the Glen and Land of Many Revivals, Scotland Ablaze continues Tom Lennie’s compelling historical series on Scottish revival movements. Lennie here focuses on the inspiring period from 1858–79 in which much of Scotland was spiritually awakened, affecting every Scottish county.
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    In three parts, Lennie guides us meticulously through the origins of the 1859–61 revival and each area affected, then goes on to chronicle a series of little–known revival after–waves that continued through the 1860s and early ‘70s, and finally the remarkable evangelistic campaign of Moody and Sankey, in which many have discerned the holy breath of authentic revival.
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