Even as Your Soul Prospers (bk)

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Thomas Weeks, III


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    Unlock the Door to an Abundant Life! God has promised you an abundant life. Why then does it seem so many people are struggling to find purpose, financial peace, and lasting relationships? Are these areas where you feel you are lacking? Does it seem as if God’s Word is not working? You could be missing God’s best.
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    Bishop Thomas Weeks, III reveals that God’s promise of an abundant life is directly tied into fulfilling your purpose. And your purpose cannot be attained until you train your soul. A prosperous soul causes prosperity in every area of your life. Your "soul"—your mind, will, and emotions—can be taught, trained, and changed for your benefit and for the glory of God.
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    Thomas Weeks, III is a bishop, prophet, conference host, and highly sought after motivational speaker. He is Co-founder and Bishop of the Global Destiny Christian Community along with his wife, Senior Pastor Juanita Bynum Weeks, headquartered in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area. A socially concerned entrepreneur and educator, Bishop Weeks has spearheaded several comunity service organizations, the Internet's Destiny Workshop, and is also establishing Destiny University. Bishop Weeks studied Mass Communications at the University of Delaware, holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theology, and is pursuing advanced studies toward a Master's of Arts in Christian Counseling at the Christian International College of Theology.
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