Where Spirituality and Justice Meet (bk)

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Steve Bradbury, Lyn Jackson


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    “Given all the time you spend visiting communities suffering great hardships, why aren’t you depressed, or disenchanted, or angry, or cynical, or...?”
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    Of course, there were times of deep sadness…. But neither sadness nor anger dominated my feelings during the many occasions I had the privilege of spending time in extremely disadvantaged and marginalised communities. There is a simple reason for this: whenever I went into such communities, there was always someone holding my hand, often literally…
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    These beautiful colleagues, of course, experience times of soul-wrenching distress, times when a cry of anguish is the only legitimate response. And the Jesus who stood outside the tomb of his friend expressed precisely such pain. His was a cry of deep grief and equally deep love. But also anger—anger at that which was profoundly wrong. This was not how things were supposed to be. So he acted. Jesus was neither immune to grief nor captive to it. Where did Jesus find the strength to continue? And how do those called to serve the economically poor—people almost always pushed to the margins of society and often systematically exploited by those with influence and power—find the strength? This second question is the focus of this book - excerpt from the introduction to this volume by Steve Bradbury, former TEAR Australia national director and course coordinator of Eastern College Australia’s Master of Transformational Development course (in collaboration with AGST and Malaysian CARE)
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