MercyMe - It's Christmas

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    This album is a considerable step above the average Christmas album. The CCM hitmakers from Texas have delivered a project that is lively, exuberant, confident and even playful - all qualities on display in the pop rock "Christmastime Again". Seasonal standards are mixed with original songs and all are delivered with aplomb. "Sleigh Ride" is given some contemporary elements while "I'll Be Home For Christmas" has a pleasing uptempo treatment without losing its essential poignancy. By contrast "Joy" (a variation on "Joy To The World") is more laid back than some renditions while the album finishes with a soulful version of "O Come O Come", set this time to the music more familiar from "The Water Is Wide". Overall the vocals are excellent, both harmonies and solos, and throughout Brown Bannister's production values are as high as you'd expect from a man of his experience. 'It's Christmas' won't suit as background music at Christmas parties as people will be distracted and want to listen to the music rather than chat. Mind you they might also be moved to dance by the pacey numbers - Reviewed by Brendan O'Regan (CrossRhythm magazines)
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    Tracklist: 1. Newborn 2. Christmastime Again 3. Sleigh Ride 4. I'll Be Home for Christmas 5. Hold on Christmas 6. A Holly Jolly Christmas 7. Go Tell It on the Mountain 8. Do You Hear What I Hear? 9. Our Lullaby 10. Joy 11. O Come, O Come
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