Long T-Shirt - Speak Life - White L

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White colour long Tee - Unisex size L


  • CSV Description 1:
    This SPEAK LIFE long tee is part of the #fuhhh series. #fuhhh started out as way for a few good friends to greet each other, e.g. "Fuhhh haven't seen you for awhile but you look great!" It was also used to forth-tell something positive, e.g, "Fuhhh I just know that this project is going to thrive woi!"
  • CSV Description 2:
    Interestingly, #fuhhh sounds very much like 富, for the Mandarin-speaking, which simply means ABUNDANCE! So when one says or even writes #fuhhh, a positive vibe exudes!
  • CSV Description 3:
    It is our hope that the #fuhhh tee series becomes a positive expression! That when one has nothing better to say, say #fuhhh to encourage others! After all, death and life are in the power of the tongue and those who love it will eat its fruit.
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