The Battle For the Throne (bk)

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Dr. George Annadorai


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    This book was born out of an encounter with my Lord on the Island of Patmos, where John received a revelation of Jesus and from Jesus. This happened in the year 1999, one year after Israel’s Jubilee in 1998. It was in May 1998 that I was invited to be part of a prophetic journey on the occasion of Israel’s Jubilee (1948-1998), that would take me to the highest place on earth (Mt. Everest) and the lowest place on earth (Dead Sea), and to some of the 50 key cities of the world, and then to conclude my journey in Jerusalem as the 24/7 House Of Prayer was launched in Jerusalem.
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    Following my encounter with the Lord on the Island of Patmos, one book of the Bible became my primary occupation – the Book of Revelation. Though I read the other books of the Bible, the Spirit of the Lord would compel me to go back again and again to the Book of Revelation. Over the last 12 years (2000-2012), I have been made to read this book 144 times (once every month for 12 years). And since the year 2000, I have been faithfully teaching the Book of Revelation once each year – 12 times in all. In all these time, the Spirit of the LORD had insisted that I read this book without the aid of any commentaries for help, but His alone. Over the last 12 years, thousands have heard these teachings.
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    I have written my second book, The Battle For The Throne In Heaven And On Earth, for the very purpose of teaching the saints the end-times plans of God within the framework of the eternal purposes of God. Often times, the books we read or the teachings we hear concerning the end-times are not framed within the eternal purposes of God. Without the framework (Eternal Purposes of God), the facts concerning the end-times plans of God can go any which way, bringing chaos and confusion to the Body of Christ. At Patmos Bible Explorer (PBE), we explore the Word of God with both the Telescope (Eternal Plans of God) + the Microscope (End-Times Plans of God) concerning the Church, Israel and the Nations - Dr. George Annadorai (PENTACOST 2013)
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