20 Controversies That Almost Killed a Ch

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Richard Ganz


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    This book is intended to help you live more fully and faithfully for God at a time when living faithfully is increasingly difficult, writes Richard Ganz in his introduction. The pressures against godly living have escalated, and struggles abound on every side. That is why 1 Corinthians is such an ideal text for us to study.
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    From a distance of 2,000 years, the letter to the Corinthian church shows us the snares that we must avoid in the Christian life and the life of godliness we must pursue. It might be surprising to some to learn how many of our present-day struggles were also found in the Corinthian church. In reality, the Corinthians weren’t very different from us. In his bold style, Ganz looks at issues such as Church Discipline, Lawsuits against the Church, Headship & Speaking in Tongues.
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    Although it might be easy to see only the sin in the Corinthian church and in our own times, Ganz shows that "in the midst of some of our most difficult times, God continues to see us as his people. What an encouragement!" Ganz shows how God helps us face every problem we encounter, enabling us to be his holy people.
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