The Long Awakening (bk)

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Baru Bian


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    "I turned towards the beautiful valley of the Upper Trusan River, scanning the dark green ridges of the area geographically referred to as the Long Semadoh Highlands. Like a wild pigeon, my memories flew back in time. I saw the skinny legs of a short boy, walking barefoot along a long jungle path, splashing in rivers, running in a muddy field. Period: 1968-1969. Place: Long Semadoh Primary School. I spent those years as a boy of ten and eleven at this boarding school. My shoolmates were the children from the seven villages in the area that comprised the populated settlements of the Long Semadoh highlands..." recalls the author Baru Bian who was born and lived most of his childhood years in the Lawas highlands, in the interior of Borneo Island, that part which is called Sarawak, Malaysia.
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    Baru Bian comes from on of the indigenous tribes of Borneo called the Lun Bawangs (formerly known as the Muruts of Sarawak) who were notoriously reputed to be the most drunken tribe in Borneo and were left to die out in their filthiness and sickness by the Brookes administration in the early 1900s. But by divine intervention the whole tribe was socially and spiritually transformed within a short span of 5 years to become one of the most progressive tribes in Sarawak. The Sarawak Museum Journal dubbed that incident as "The Muruts Miracle".
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