Consequential Leadership (bk)

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Mac Pier


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    Are we living in challenging times? Yes. But people can and do make a difference. Here are the stories of fifteen entrepreneurial leaders doing just that.
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    Drawn from church, business, government and non-profit sectors, these world-class visionaries and activists offer examples that motivate and principles to imitate. Their stories show that mature networks of leaders and organizations can offer opportunities to a new generation of young people, change communities ravaged by HIV/AIDS, reach new groups of people with the message of hope--and more. If you see a need and want to contribute your own consequential leadership, this book is for you.
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    Mac Pier is president and founder of the New York City Leadership Center and has hosted a half dozen urban consultations for 10,000 leaders since 1995. He is the author of The Power of a City at Prayer.
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