NIV - Busy Dad's Bible, Gray, Ltr (OP)

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    Got a Minute Only a minute? This Bible is designed just for you. Many things can get in the way of reading God’s Word, but the responsibilities of being a dad shouldn’t.
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    Packed with “1-minute thought starters”—each providing a single memorable word to focus on as well as options to go deeper as time allows—The Busy Dad’s Bible is the perfect support for the time-starved dad who longs to connect with God to find wisdom and encouragement.
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    “It fits right into my schedule.” My life is full. Between work, the kids’ school activities, and responsibilities at church, there’s not a lot of unused time during the day. But the Busy Dad’s Bible fits right into my schedule. Whenever I have a few minutes of downtime, I can turn to the Bible and be inspired by the thoughts in these short devotions. It helps to keep me connected, no matter how full my calendar is.” —Mark, age 42
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