City Harvest - When I Grow Up

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    Get the soundtrack of City Harvest Children Church's first-ever large scale musical production held at Victoria Theater - When I Grow Up. Have you ever felt you don't have what it takes to fulfill your dreams? This is how Julia feels when she attends a talent camp. Having stage fright and being shy in nature, she doesn't think it is possible for her to fulfill her dream. It doesn't help when she is bullied by a group of snobbish girls. Bizarrely, she is transported to a magical land in her dreams and there she meets the enigmatic Dream Weaver and a playful boy, Tammy. And so she begins her journey of self discovery, where she finds courage and belief in her destiny. It is through a confrontation with the scary Ereptors that she understands what it means to guard her dream and live for her future. But she realizes she didn't get to use the magic phrase "When I grow up..." in Dream Land. Will she ever get to fulfill her destiny when she wakes up from her dream? Track List: 1. Welcome 2. When I Grow Up (Verse Only) 3. Dreamland 4. Dancing Bones 5. Garden Home 6. When I Grow Up (Full Version) 7. Soccer Star 8. Urban Knights 9. Ratacookie 10. When I Grow Up (Finale Version)
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