Wayburn Dean - Immeasurable

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    This album is truly a treasure, with songs containing the elements which make up a great inspirational album. Lyrical messages which expound on the great characteristics of our Lord and His promises to us are combined with stirring, memorable, flowing melodies, well-balanced, interesting compositions which are so perfectly brought to life by the truly comforting and rich tenor voice of Wayburn Dean. His stunning vocals lift the listener into another level of state of being, freeing the mind, softening the heart, encouraging the spirit within to take heart in a thankful attitude.( 1 Thess. 5:17)
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    Track List: 1. Immesaurable 2. It's Gonna Take Time 3. Who Cries 4. Through You 5. Needed 6. Crucified 7. Each Day Of My Life 8. Anymore 9. Gotta Forgive Them 10. Glorified 11. You Are Holy 12. String Outro
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