Faith Ling - Letters from the Garden
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Every song written is a story. From each verse to chorus, you'll be taken through a journey, based off real-life experiences. When it comes to genre, there isn't quite a fixed one. Each story needs to be told differently, and that results in every song sounding just a little different from the other. From indie rock, to folk, to acoustic jazz, each story is shared just the way it needs to be. \Track List: 1. A Letter to God Concerning Love 2. The Restoration 3. Weak Yes 4. You Say the Victory's Mine 5. Keep Doing It 6. Make Me Like You\Artist: At the brave, adventurous age of eighteen, Faith is all about new experiences and getting out her comfort zone, despite being a pure homebody. She can never turn down an opportunity to strum her guitar or hum melody. Everything that she write is based off real life experiences, be they gut wrenching or heart-leaping - every rhyming word and odd-sounding metaphor comes straight from the heart. \Faith Ling
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