Chosen Lineage (bk)
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A prostitute wanting to change her lifestyle, an adulteress who became a queen, a widow in search of hope, a sterile woman who wants to transcend, a woman who is constantly rejected by the man that she has been crazily in love with her whole life…How is it possible that they have a great destiny? In this book you can learn about seven women who were chosen to be part of the lineage of Jesus. Women with gifts, desires, tests; women like you and me who wants to know why they were brought into the world and if God really has a purpose for them. Passionate and devoted women who risked their lives out of love for their families. How many of us would be capable of giving everything for our children or our loved ones? Each one of them reflects something of our own essence: Faith, determination, aggressiveness, and more. Just by learning about them, you will realize how loved, blessed and precious you are, for being yourself.
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