Givers, Takers And Other Kinds of Lovers
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This book bypasses vague generalities about love and sex and answers basic questions such as: Whatever happened to sexual freedom?: We are not as liberated as people think we are. People discover that instant sex is about as gratifying as a sneeze. What is true love like?: There are three kinds of love: love if, Love because and love period. If you have not experienced love period then it is likely that you are hoping that someday you will.\What is your most important sex organ?: Sex is never just a physical act because the physical aspect of sex almost always works. If sex goes wrong then any malfunction is usually in your mind - so stop treating sex as if if it is just a physical act - it's more than that. Your most important sexual organ is your MIND. Do men respond differently than women?: Women should know that men may experience high sexual feelings even before they do... and men need to realise that a women can be turned on through touch and kind words.\As you can see, if you are looking for straight answers about God's plan for the love act and sexuality then Givers, Takers, and Other Kinds of Lovers was written for you.\Josh McDowell, Paul Lewis
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