Behind Those Eyes (bk)
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Meet the cast. Ms. Perfection, Ms. Confidence, Ms. Happiness, Ms. Spirituality. Do you know them? Maybe, if you're honest with yourself, you may recognize you are one of them.\Let's admit it: the stories behind our eyes often go untold. We tend to cover our insecurities and heartaches with engaging smiles, fashionable clothes, and manufactured conversations. We impersonate the women we want to be – deeply spiritual, caring, supportive, capable, put together, and ridiculously happy. We desperately want to be accepted and loved, but we're afraid to reveal our true selves to others.\In Behind Those Eyes, Bible teacher and speaker Lisa Whittle encourages women to get real – real with ourselves, real with one another, and real before God. With humor, compassion, and biblical insight, Whittle takes a refreshingly honest look at how we often mask our fear of rejection. In this book you learn how to: See your impersonations for what they really are; Free yourself from shallow interactions with others; Learn to choose authenticity over pretense; Practice truth as a healing agent in your relationships.\Lisa Whittle
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