The Salvation Package...and it's free for you
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Everyone loves a freebie; and there are indeed many things in this world that are for free. The internet and the smartphones have access to so many free things in the world that it doesn’t make sense to pay for anything on the internet these days.
Music and songs are free; newspaper articles and programs are free; lots of books and articles are free; one can almost get free education and a degree at a reputable university for free, if we persevere, whether with or without sponsors and scholarships.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is free too.

However, while we assume that everything is free, there is actually someone paying for everything. Thus, in actual fact, nothing in life literally comes free. Someone has paid the price for you. So too is the “Salvation Package” – it comes free for you; but the Lord Jesus Christ paid the price for all of humanity, when He laid down His life on the Cross as a payment with His Blood, the Blood of the Lamb of God, for the redemption of the sins of mankind.

“For the wages of sin is death, the (free) gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.” Romans 6:23

Yes, “The Salvation Package” is free for you; and that includes this book, published for you, because it is all paid up by someone for you.

Take it, read it, receive the “Salvation Package” in full, for it is fully paid already, and just waiting for you to claim your package.

Truly, this amazing “Salvation Package” comes eventually with it, a majestically built, superbly designed, and artistically furnished with super hi-tech enormous mansion on a hill fit for a prince, your very own personalized heavenly abode, complete with a garden of flowers and fruit trees, right up there in your own privileged corner with cul-de-sac when you finally arrive at HOME.

All this is not empty talk, nor a dream; it is for real, if you have yet to pick up “Your Salvation Package” or to fully open up to claim all the wonderful gifts and privileges within it.

Author: Dr Timothy Sng is a medical doctor and neurologist by profession. A born again believer for nearly four decades, his passion is to seek out the 'lost sons and daughters' for the Kingdom of God. His personal mission is to seek our Father in Heaven daily to be a faithful servant and son. 
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