REVEAL: Unfolding the Past and Revealing the Future - The Compendium of 29 Chinese Characters
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“示” 这本书尝试提供一种崭新的学习中文的方法,基于五个基本笔画组成。点(、) dian,横(一)heng,竖(|)shu,撇(丿)pie,捺(㇏) na。当按顺序书写时,这些笔画组成了“示”字。 “示” 这本书介绍的中文字母是由29个字符组成,其中包括锚定词“示”,数字0至10,百,干,万,亿和兆的故事以及人类生活的八个基本层面。作者希望通过学习这些字符的起源,读者们将认识到“人之初性本善”的由来。


When we learn anything in life, we start learning from the basics, For the English language, we begin learning from ABC; for Mathematics, we start with 123, and for music, we learn from 'do, re, mi.' As for the Chinese language, which has close to 6,000 years of uninterrupted history, has evolved to become the traditional and simplified scripts till today, we are still discovering a way to learn the Chinese language as simple as ABC.  

'Reveal' is a refreshing new approach to how we understand the Chinese language based on the five basic pen strokes; 点(、) dian,横(一)heng,竖(|)shu,撇(丿)pie,捺(㇏) na. When written in sequence, the components form the word 示, 'reveal' (shi). This book 'Reveal' suggests 29 characters as the Chinese Alphabet, which include the anchoring word 示 'reveal' (shi), the stories of numbers 0-10, hundred, thousand, million, billion, trillion, and the eight essential aspects of our life. 

The author hopes that through learning how these characters originated, the reader will also realize that people are born with the intrinsic good in them. The author has drawn inspiration from the Bible, but 'Reveal' is not intended for religious purposes. The Bible is a useful resource in helping to understand the ancient bone oracle scripts as their timelines coincide succinctly. The main objective of the book 'Reveal' is to build the foundations for learning the Chinese language so that one day it can be as easy to learn as ABC.

Author: Dr Joseph Cheong
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