Men for Christ 1: Living Out Our Faith
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How can we be better men for Christ in the various settings and roles that God has called us to? How can we live our lives fully and finish well?
Men for Christ: Living Out Our Faith is a compilation of dynamic talks for men, featuring 21 distinguished speakers like Bishop Robert Solomon, Rev Tan Soo-Inn, and Rev David Wong among others. The speakers skilfully address crucial topics like male spirituality, godly fatherhood, overcoming marketplace challenges, navigating significant life transitions and finishing well. For any man who is passionate about growing holistically into the likeness of Christ, this easy-to-read book offers practical steps that will help him on his journey. With five discussion questions at the end of each chapter, it is an ideal tool for men’s ministries that are serious about developing godly men for God’s kingdom.

This compilation of 21 talks encourages men to be the best men they can be for Christ. Clustered under the 4 headings of: ​
  1. Living Well; ​
  2. ​God in the Marketplace; ​
  3. ​God in the World Around Us; and
  4. ​Finishing Well

Contributors: Tan Soo Inn, Robert Solomon, John Ng, David Ang, Tan Lai Yong, Hsieh Fu Hua, Philip Ng, Lim Hua Min, Patrick Liew, Gregory Vijayendran, Ernest Chew, Aw Swee Eng, John Chew, Andrew Goh, Lee Soon Ann, William Wan, David Wong and our very own Lee Han Kiat, Timothy Liu, Wong Kar Fatt and Ho Peng Kee, ​hailing from diverse backgrounds, share from their hearts how God has worked in and through them where He has placed them.​

Edited by Ho Peng Kee, Lim Kheng Hai, Siew Kim Siang, Yeo Siew Yam

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