EDWJ - Sep-Oct 2023 (Every Day With Jesus)
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There is Freedom
Live as people who are free … living as servants of God - 1 Peter 2:16

Welcome to the Sep/Oct 2023 issue of Every Day with Jesus

How do we live as people who are free, yet at the same time we are servants of God? Do the ideas of freedom and servitude contradict each other? What are we set free from, and what purpose are we free for?

There are so many questions about what it looks like to ‘live as people who are free’. In the UK, we live in a world that is fairly free in terms of freedom of speech, freedom from persecution, and freedom to make our own choices.

So when we talk about freedom, we often relate to that word on a more visceral level. Do we feel free from life’s burdens? From past hurts, from questionable decisions, from those memories that weigh us down?

Is it possible that being a servant of God can bring that freedom that we all desire? Andy Peck has kindly guest authored this series of Bible notes in which we hope you will discover through daily reflection that ‘There is Freedom’. We are grateful to Andy for his insights into Scripture that speak about these and other topics.

Andy Peck is a gifted Christian communicator. He has written books, broadcast about Christian ideas, and he teaches the Bible in person in clear, practical and accessible ways. We hope you enjoy these notes and we are praying for you as you read these month’s ideas on ‘There is Freedom’.

Every blessing
The Waverley Abbey Trust team
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