God's Promise to the Chinese
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This book is in English. Its also available in Simplifed Chinese.

In this book, the authors show that the inventor of the original Chinese characters, inscribed on tortoise shells and bones, knew and believed in an identical account of creation and earth's beginnings as found in the Hebrew sacred Scriptures.

You will also learn about:
  • 'ShangDi' - how it literally means the "God above", or the Most High God. From the beginning of their history, the ancient Chinese worshipped ShangDi as the Creator.
  • The Border Sacrifice and many more exciting discoveries! 
  • and much much more!

Chapter 1: Confucius Revealed the Clue. 
Chapter 2: Who Is Shangdi. 
Chapter 3: In the Beginning. 
Chapter 4: Chinese Concepts of Mankind's Creation. 
Chapter 5: Secrets of a Lost Garden 
Chapter 6: Invader in the Garden. 
Chapter 7: The Fatal Bite. 
Chapter 8: A Costly Rescue Plan. 
Chapter 9: Confucius Pointed the Way. 
Chapter 10: The Seed of the Woman. 
Chapter 11: Original Purpose of the Altar of Heaven. 
Chapter 12: ShangDi's Last Promise 
Epiloge: Synchronising Chinese and Biblical History. References Bibliography

Authors:  Ethel R. Nelson, Richard E. Broadberry, Ginger Tong Chock

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