God Is Stranger: What happens when God t

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Krish Kandiah


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    Taking a fresh look at Bible passages he thought he knew, Krish Kandiah was struck by the fact that when God turns up, he never seems to do what people expect - and started to wonder what this might mean for the ways we expect to encounter God today.
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    "Krish Kandiah's work with refugees and vulnerable children is inspirational. He and his wife Miriam model their teaching on Christian hospitality by welcoming adopted and foster children into their home. We have much to learn from their example." — Nicky and Pippa Gumbel
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    Author: Krish Kandiah is Founder and Director of the adoption and fostering charity Home for Good, and a Vice-President of Tearfund. He is in demand as a speaker, consultant and social entrepreneur. He lives with his wife and seven children, including fostered and adopted children, in Oxfordshire, UK.
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