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Neil Anderson


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    Churches have made many converts but far too few real disciples. Many Christians struggle to take hold of basic biblical truth and live it out. We often take a painfully long time to mature. This is not because we lack resources or teaching, but because we struggle to connect with truth. This is where the Freedom in Christ course comes in. It is specifically designed to help Christians to fully grasp the truth of who they are in Christ, get rid of the spiritual baggage that holds them back, claim the freedom that is their inheritance, and move on to maturity!
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    Revised and updated into a 10-week discipleship course. Every participant will find this 224 page book a hugely helpful comppanion to the Freedom In Christ Course. Packed full of notes from the teaching, the Pause For Thought questions, Stronghold-buster templates, lyrics for the "Worship In Spirit and Truth" album that accompanies the course and more.
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    Authors: Dr. Neil T. Anderson is founder and president of Freedom in Christ Ministries, and was formerly chairman of the Practical Theology Department at Talbot School of Theology at Biola University. He holds five degrees from Talbot, Pepperdine University and Arizona State University, and worked as an aerospace engineer before entering the ministry. He has 20 years of experience as a pastor and has written several bestselling books on spiritual freedom, including Victory Over the Darkness, The Bondage Breaker, Finding Hope Again and Freedom from Addiction. Steve Goss is director of Freedom in Christ Ministries U.K. and presents the Freedom in Christ course. He has a background in marketing. He is married to Zoe, and they have two daughters.
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