Don't Fire Your Church Members (bk)

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Jonathan Leeman


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    Church membership is not just a status, it’s an office. Leaders shouldn’t fire members from the responsibilities given to them by Jesus—they should train them! When members are trained, the church grows in holiness and love, discipleship and mission. Complacency and nominalism are diminished. Jesus gives every church member an office in the church’s government: to assume final responsibility for guarding the what and the who of the gospel in the church and its ministry. Similarly, Jesus gives leaders to the church for equipping the members to do this church-building and mission-accomplishing work.
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    In our day, the tasks of reinvigorating congregational authority and elder authority must work together. The vision of congregationalism pictured in this book offers an integrated view of the Christian life. Congregationalism is biblical, but biblical congregationalism just might look a little different than you expect. It is nothing less than Jesus’ authorization for living out his kingdom rule among a people on mission.
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    Author: Jonathan Leeman an elder at Capitol Hill Baptist Church in Washington, DC, is editorial director at 9Marks, occasional lecturer at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary and The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.
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