The Legacy of Billy Graham (bk)

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Michael Long


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    Perhaps no individual person has had more of an effect on twentieth-century American Christianity than the renowned evangelist Billy Graham. And although Graham's influence on evangelicalism has long been recognized, Michael G. Long's The Legacy of Billy Graham is the first book to examine his impact on mainline Christianity and American civil religion.
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    With contributors both noted and revered, this critical but appreciative volume poignantly assesses Graham's career. With fairness and clarity, these prominent mainline to progressive scholars shed valuable light on the evangelist's theology and preaching; his influential perspectives on politics and economics, feminism and sex, war and peace, and race and power; as well as his engagement with powerful contemporaries, including Martin Luther King Jr. and Reinhold Niebuhr, before concluding with two insightful retrospectives on his legacy.
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    Essayists are Rufus Burrow Jr., Mark D. Chapman, John B. Cobb Jr., Harvey Cox, Gary Dorrien, Heather Murray Elkins, Leslie C. Griffin, Karen Lebacqz, Michael G. Long, Thomas G. Long, Ellen Ott Marshall, Steven P. Miller, Douglas Sturm, Mark Lewis Taylor, and J. Philip Wogaman.
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