Exposing Chinese Ancestor Worship (bk)

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Steven Wong


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    The main point in this book is to honour your ancestors and not worship them!
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    Content: Chapter 1:What is Ancestor Worship Chapter 2:History of Chinese Ancestor Worship Chapter 3:Ancestor Worship in other Cultures Chapter 4:Ancestor Worship through Technology Chapter 5:Practices of Chinese Ancestor Worship:Funeral practices, All Souls Day (Qing Ming) , Wedding Practices, Festival Practices, Other General Practices Chapter 6:The Catholic Church and Ancestor Worship Chapter 7:The Protestant Church and Ancestor Worship Chapter 8:Is Filial Piety the same as Ancestor Worship Chapter 9:The Christian answer to Ancestor Worship Chapter 10:The Christian substitute to Ancestor Worship Chapter 11:AQuick Comparision between Ancestor Worship and the Bible Chapter 12:FAQ Chapter 13:Interview with Brother KSLai, a former staunch practitioner of Ancestor Worship
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    This book even covers practical issues like the following: Can Christians mourn by wearing sackcloth or a piece of a piece of sackcloth pinned to existing clothing? What do Ihave to do when Ihave to go to the graveyard on 'Qingg Ming' day? My family wants me to mourn for 100 days, what should I do?
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